A technical question on cmucam3 Frame grabber can't work >"<

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anyone can tell me what I did wrong…

I was not able to show an image in the Terminal consule.

Here are the steps I took!

  1. I downloaded cmucam2Emulator.hex file.

  2. I loaded the file via lpc and I got a load success.

  3. I closed the lpc and opened the frame grabber

  4. I got a successful connection to the port that I was using.

  5. In the Terminal consule, it “did not” show the name and the version

: cmucam2 v.1.0.0 (in the consule window)

  1. When i click on “Grabe image” -it show:“frame grab form.error”

  2. And also no matter what I do the red and green led is always on, the mmc I

was using was a 512 mB, can anyone tell me what ti means?

please help me… Thank you!! God bless everyone!

Did it work to use the international version as was suggested on the CMUCam forums? Does it work if you use the java version of the gui?

You might not be seeing the version message if you turn on the camera before you start the viewer application or connect to the port. What happens if you cycle power to the camera after the application is running?

Try opening a terminal emulator (I use TeraTerm), set the serial port properties to 115200 Baud, 8 Data bits, 1 Stop bit, no parity and then try typing gv and pressing enter. Does the version get printed? If you can’t see it, you either have a communication problem, or the firmware is not running (correctly) on the camera. If you are using a USB-serial converter, try it on a computer with a built-in serial port, as I’ve had some USB-serial converters not work when sending camera data (both on the CMUCam2 and Blackfin Camera, but actually haven’t used the CMUCam3 before).