A Thank You from Team 5012 Gryffingear

As I do after every event, I’d like to extend thanks to many teams and individuals. After this weekend, I believe it would be best to thank everyone who helped us at every step of the way.

Teams 254, 4470, and 1538/2485: The valuable competition and networking experience we’ve gained while competing at your offseason events(Chezy Champs, Fall Classic, and Battle at the Border) were critical in motivating our students and mentors for the coming season.

Teams 330, 696, 599, 687, 399, 4322, 3647: Simply attending offseason events is great, but what made the experience truly enlightening is getting to play with these world-class teams. Thank you for our partnership in eliminations at offseason events.

Build Season:
**Teams 973, 254, 1538 and all of the 3 day robot build programs: ** Without the resources you have made available, our robot would not be a fraction of the quality that it was. Your robots serve as goals for the quality of machining, wiring, and overall design as we go into the future.

Teams 399 and 2339 Our neighbor teams Eagle Robotics and Robolopes. Thanks to your assistance in machining and materials, we were able to field a much higher quality robot than we had ever dreamed of. Thanks!

Competition season:
**Teams 597 and 4413: ** Thanks for our partnership at Inland Empire. You’ve definitely made friends in 5012 and look forward to what you have in store for 2016. We were also ecstatic to see our friends on 597 get inducted into the Hall of Fame this weekend! Congratulations.

**Teams 148 and 987: ** Playing with these two world-class teams was possibly one of the greatest learning experiences of our team’s existence. From how your pit crews run during the cheesecake procedure to how your drive teams organize match strategy. Las Vegas regional playoffs were definitely a pivotal point in our team’s history. Words cannot express our gratitude towards the Robowranglers and High Rollers for allowing us to join them at Vegas.

**Teams 118, 1678, and 1671: ** I have had the pleasure of competing with these great teams as both a mentor on 5012 and student on 399. Over the years, these teams have continually improved the quality and performance of their robots. Before this weekend, I considered these three teams to be the best teams without a World Championship title. Thanks for allowing us to assist you during playoffs on Newton and Einstein!

Sorry if I missed a few teams or people. This weekend has been surreal.

Thanks all and see you in the offseason!

“Nothing of me is original. I am the combined effort of everyone I’ve ever known.”
― Chuck Palahniuk


Jeremy, from 1678 we were very excited to pick up Gryffingear in the Newton draft. You were the consensus pick by 118 and us in the strategy meeting Friday night–it was the shortest conversation that night. We had planned to use you in 10 of the 14 matches, but being able to grab 1671 flipped our strategy. (More on that elsewhere.)

We agreed your organization was a critical factor in our selection, and we could attest to excellence of your team from the Inland Empire last year. 399 has built a nice legacy. The reliability of your robot on Newton was a big plus.

We look forward to seeing you next year. Maybe a trip to Sacramento so we can reunite the entire alliance? :slight_smile:

My thought when 5012 won Champs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F3YR1-gJjWM#t=0m48s