A Thank You from Team 7

We at team 7 would like to thank Team 435 for choosing us at VCU when we thought no one else would and being extraordinarily nice and cooperative with us; you guys are the greatest. Thank you Team 602 for being a great alliance partner (you’re speed and cooperation were invaluable). Also I would like to congratualate Team 122 and their #1 alliance for putting forth a great match. The same for the #5 alliance for putting forth excellent competition and being gracious winners. Lastly, a thank you to all teams who helped our team along the way.
Thank you all, and Good Luck to you.

Chris Hubicki
(the strategy guy from team 7)

We at team 602 would also like to thank Team 435 for choosing us when we thought no one else would!! You guys are great!! It was my first robot competition and I will never forget it.Thank you team 7 for the compliment, you guys were also great. And I’d also like to say sorry for letting you guys down w/our broken part that we could not quite fix in time :frowning: . I think that we could have gone all the way!! Thank you to all for putting up a good fight on the floor, and being so friendly in the pits :smiley: !!

Michael D.
Team 602

I’d also like to thank you guys for an exciting time in the elims. It was surprising getting picked at the last possible second, about to pack up shop. I think we made an awesome team, but missed the final by a few inches. Oh well, it was fun. Oh, and sorry I’m writing this more than two weeks after the fact.