A thank you note to Open Alliance blogs

Just wanted to post an appreciation note to all the teams that are posting their build blogs this year. Some of you may not get a whole lot of engagement, questions, or views.

I want to say thank you for doing it anyway. And that I hope you recognize the benefits of you documenting your progress for your own team regardless of if anyone else views it. It might be useful for your own team reflection at the end of the year as to what did you do right, and what could you have done better. What do you change next year.

Maybe it was an opportunity for someone to ask questions to other students on the team and learn more about how something worked so they could do the build blog about it.

Maybe it gave an avenue for someone younger on your team to learn more about what the team is doing.

Maybe it’ll be something that a student can point back to in a resume or interview as part of some kind of engineering portfolio.

Just wanted to put this out here as we’re reaching (or have reached) the point in the build season where teams are probably busy looking down and not out at other teams, and we’re at a point where it’s probably harder for your own team to produce and put out content. Keep up the good work y’all.


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