A thanks to 469 and 868 (Championship finalists)

Team 1218 would like to thank 469 and 868 for an amazing championship. You were a dream alliance. There is no way that we would have advanced as far as we did without you guys. We almost had it! Thanks again
–Evan (the guy in the red shorts, yellow shirt, and pink flower tie)

Congrats to 1218- it was awesome to see another Philly team take home the galileo title for the second year in a row… not to mention you guys seeded 1st-- and-- 40 pts above the 2nd place team. Unbelievable, for a 2nd year team. We had an awesome time cheering on you in the finals, and good luck next year… (seeya at all the offseason competitions)

I’d also like to congratulate 469 on having a terrifying machine, and 868 on preventing numerous teams from hanging in every match you guys played in.


Your alliance did a great job of representing the Galileo Division. To me, this was the best Championship finals in the last three years (the only years that I have seen).

You folks have a lot of heart and never gave up, taking the finals to 3 matches. It was an awesome spectacle. We cheered our lungs out.

Congratulations to Teams 1218, 469 and 868. Thank you for making us proud to be in your division!

you’re welcome :slight_smile:

Let’s see…
Thanks to 1218 first of all, for picking us… and more importantly (in my mind) for LISTENING. I suppose, especially, Evan, since he was out there and was willing to discuss with me who to choose next. You were all so open to different ideas and working together, which was awesome. Oh, and I like your wheels, still. They were interesting…

Thanks to 868 for helping create the alliance, too. You guys did an awesome job of hanging ALL THE TIME. 6/7 hangs in the qualifying was enough to convince us you’d be great, and you were! Lots of people kept telling me that we picked a great third robot :slight_smile: so be proud of that!

Thanks also to all the other robots in Galileo… watching hours and days of qualifying can get kinda boring sometimes :wink: but we had so many awesome robots that it was enjoyable to watch :smiley:


Yeah, it was great you guys. Ms. Daisy --> Thanks for helping us get as far as we did, you guys were sooo helpful in picking the third alliance partner. I was truly amazed at 1218, you guys are one of the best out there. I can’t wait to see all of you next year.


:yikes: Gotta Love Galileo!

I was so excited, seeing none other than some of my favorite teams in the division get so amazingly far into the competition! One thing I must say is this: 469- you guys have a maniac for a driver (jokingly)! Talk about some tough situations! You three teams pulled through, as was expected, and I had a blast cheering you on.

1218 C.H.A.S.S. What can I say? Awesome job- And to think… I can say that yes, Miss Daisy was in the same alliance as the National Finalists at the Drexel Regional! Hehe, yeah, you know we love you guys~

Thank you sooo much 782!! We are just as grateful and proud to have been selected by you for the 8th Alliance. Working with you was sweet, in the rounds and previously. In that second round, when you and 358 when in, I was amazed as to how well you guys put up.