A Trend in the FRC Games?

Anybody been noticing the trend from year to year in the game design? I will start in 2003 since that is the first game I am familiar with.

2003- Stacking boxes on top of one another to score multiplier points

2004- Gathering balls to be scored via human player in a goal

2005- stacking tetras on a “tic-tac-toe” board to score multiplier points

2006- gathering balls to be shot into a goal

2007- picking up tubes to be hung around a rack in rows to score multiplier points

2008- picking up balls to be shot/dropped over/onto a rack to score points

Trend anyone?

Of course each game has a unique task for the end of the game with a huge bonus; as far as I can tell, an arbitrary way of making or breaking the match.

So my guess for 2009? Well, some sort of multiplier game, probably with boxes. Perhaps placing them in something, or lifting them up to various heights.

It seems like in the odd years, they like to change up the game piece to something strange… The tetras were a wierd shape and they were really heavy to lift 10 feet in the air, the tubes were incredibly light and delicate. I say, back to boxes in 2009 for a very strategic game.

To all you hopefuls for a water game:
I don’t see it happening anywhere in the near future. It would be far too dangerous and a big mess. Unless they used D.I. water to inhibit conduction :wink:


Whoops, I searched before posting this and didn’t find anything, but I just went to look at my post, and there are a few subjects with the same content about game pieces. Sorry for the repitition :slight_smile:

Well, Woodie’s hint in 2007 about gerbils, K’nex, and the stock market have been long forgotten. This hints in December 2007 were a wild goose chase for anyone who didn’t live in Boston. Any pattern you think you’ve found will disolve right before your eyes on January 3rd, 2009 due to complex unaccounted-for factors. Such is the way of FRC. Such is the way of the universe.

Do not fight the universe.

There is some chat floating around that kickoff might be January 10 – not the third. Anyone who was out of town for the week after Christmas might still be gone on Jan. 3. Of course, I don’t think FIRST has announced kickoff yet.

1992 - balls
93 - balls
94 - balls
95 - balls
96 - balls
97 - Circles (inner tubes)
98 - balls
99 - Floppies/pucks??
00 - Balls
01 - Balls
02 - Balls
03 - Squares (boxes)
04 - balls
05 - Triangles (tetras)
06 - balls
07 - Circles (inner tubes)
08 - Balls

Only if you follow the pattern for the past few years (the rest doesn’t have a pattern) will the next game shape be square.

That is all

(*FIRST *really likes inflatable balls dont they??:rolleyes: )

2005 didn’t have multipliers. Straight points for number of tetras plus straight points for number of rows plus a bonus at the end if you could get it.

There is a pattern, however. No, it’s NOT the FIRST logo. It’s a pattern going back at least to 1997 (bear with me here…)

It’s ball, odd object, ball, odd object. 2001 had both, with the odd object being the balancing bridge.

Next up? Odd object.

I vote for throwing Frisbees. Wait, I don’t get a vote, the PA primary has me in voting mode.

Traffic cones, boomerangs (NZ regional), footballs, frisbees, batons… anything else odd for me.

What about a Rugby Ball (Both a Ball and an Odd Object)?


Isn’t that similar to a football? I’d say it’s odd object due to shape.

I’d love if they used these:

With the Human Player inside as part of the game piece.


That’s why I want to see it used.

I’m good with that as long as I get to pick the human player in the hamster ball.

Agreed. Yes, I to wonder about FIRST’s fascination with inflatable balls. Maybe its just because they’re easy to use for robots.

The only problem is they are really big (like 11 feet tall) and if they put six on the field they’d have to make a bigger field.
When Dave asks for his new game design I’m going to design a game around these balls.

I always think about what the real life challenges and constraint possibilities are. Hands-on applications in the robotics lab, in working with the challenges of the space station, in the automated industry. We’re playing a game that the GDC designs, yes - but the teams develop awesome manipulators year after year. Drive systems. Robotic autonomy. I always think about that. When the discussion focused on the G22 rule, I thought about that in those terms. An inch is an inch, a 1/2 inch is a 1/2 inch type of thinking - when applying the constraint to a real life problem, seeking a solution. Granted, I don’t have any examples other than when I’m trying to back up the team trailer, but it is what I thought about. There are times when there isn’t the ease of movement that we would like to have in the game. It’s good for us to have to deal with that and come up face to face with it, seeing what evolves and how the teams meet the challenge. This is the type of thing I like to think about when musing about the next season’s game. :slight_smile:

Hmmm. FIRST is always in search of new and interesting game pieces for future FRC games. FIRST has just announced their new international regional event in New Zealand. Zorbs are made in New Zealand. Sheep love Zorbs. Sheep love FIRST. There are lots of sheep in New Zealand. Can it all just be a coincidence?



Well at least we know sheep can be launched.
Might need bigger, tougher fences though.

Or what if you put the MC or Game Announcer in the Zorb ball?