A Trilogy to be ended.

Our Seniors are leaving (like most teams) and they have not seen us win the Midwest Regional. We were Finalist for 3 years in a row. So we have a new thing. We are going to put all our effort into winning Midwest next year.

Just a list of who has beat us…
2005- 71,111,537
2004- 45(again),269,930
2003- 45,245,292

so…i hope for the best to all teams, and if we dont win. Heck, we can be a 4 time Finalist :slight_smile: :cool:

Hey Matt just to let you know, in 2004 it was 45 269 and 930 that beat us.

yea…thx 4 that… :yikes:

3 time finalist is pretty good! Of course if feels good to win, but in the end, it doesn’t seem to be too important.

Just to see how good it is, just look at X-Cats (191). This is their 13th year competing and they won their first regional this year.

And of course, thank you to all seniors!


It is pretty honorable to be the finalists three years in a row! I know it is pretty hard to think that you were so close to have almost finished the Midwest regional with gold three years in a row, but just think about it:

How many times have any other teams manage to get 3 time finalists at the same regional in *three consecutive * years?

There are still some wonderful teams out there that haven’t had the experience of being regional winners, or even finalists for that matter!

Also take DanielBCR’s post above: Winning isn’t all that important when you look at it at a different perspective. Think about the fun, the ups, the downs, and the people we met during this regional!

I applaud each and every team that has participated in this regional throughout the years! This is by far one of the best regionals I have been to during each FIRST season! :smiley: It is the official “IRI” of FIRST!

116 had now competed for 10 years, and the closest we’ve ever come to winning a regional is the semi-finals. The best we’ve ever done at ANY competition is 3rd place at the 2004 York Summer Frenzy. Trust me, reaching the finals 3 years in a row is no small feat.
Yes, I know how horrible it feels to be 2nd, Im in the Herndon Band (we scored a 92, but Hickory won the USSBA state championship with a 93). But despite that horrible feeling knowing how close you came, it still feels better than having not a single trophy sitting on your shelf for how your robot has competed.
Dont despair for the 2nd places, just be proud you got that far in one of the toughest regionals around (or any).

14 actually.
One thing about not winning does for you is it increases your appreciation for the little things. You don’t get so wound up if you aren’t at the top of the standings. We’re ecstatic that we were a finalist in Archimedes.
It was a very good year.

Taking silver at thie miedwest regional 3 years in a row has been awesome. But beeing on the team the three years it took silver isn’t all that awesome. Yes one year we won nationals, that was awesome (my freshamn year). But now it is getting to the point where the only think I care about winning in my senior year is Midwest and Chairmans. All three years we have been in the 3rd seed alliance and all three years we have been beaten badly by the 1st seed alliance. This next year will hopefully change. I am just glad that team 45 didn’t beat us for the third year in a row, yes i said it, they beat us in 2003 and 2004. I am happy we made it that far this year after the massacure of the Huskie Brigade at GLR. If we take silver next year at Midwest I will be happy we did it again, but there will always be a void in my heart of not winning it all there.

P.S congrats teams 45, 245, 292, 269, 930, 71, 111, and for winning Midwest in the past three years and thanks 16, 930, 648, 447, 383, and 903 for teaming with us those three years.

What can I say, you guys are an awesome team to play with and just plain fun to be around!

Hopefully your seniors will take all the knowledge they learned and go into their lives as adults and make a difference, because when it boils down to it, FIRST is all about making the world a better place.

PS. I loved your guys robot this year too, and esp your auto mode … really nice stuff.

You know, I like winning as much as anybody. And we’ve been fortunate to have our fair share of success. But some of my great memories in FIRST are those times we lost at Midwest. Where else can you get knocked out by people who are long-time friends? We didn’t win, but we gave our best, every time. And I’m proud of that. Remember what we say: its not about winning, its about PREPARING and TRYING to win.

I consider it a privilege to be able to get a chance to go head-to-head with the likes of TechnoKats, WildStang, and the Beast. I hope you HB team members remember how lucky we are.

I think we should change the name of this thread: cross out trilogy, and put in ‘story,’ then cross out ‘ended’ and put in ‘continued.’ Cause we’ll be back! :slight_smile:

my 2 cents

Come on now Ken you know what I always say in response of you quote… It’s not about winning or loosing, it’s if you looked good doing it.

Team 65 is one of the greatest teams we have paired up with. They always have good strategies and robots. They are also always open to new suggestions and ideas. Been fun playing with you 2003 and against you in 2004.

Remember there are always FIRST Teams near colleges that could use experience :slight_smile: