A troll selling his FIRST equipment

I bought these a year ago and it just seems like I never have time to work with them. The prices are totaly arbitrary, because I really have no idea what they go for these days. I will keep an eye on this post in case there are any questions. Please take a look.

P.S. Yes, I know I am a troll, and I feel the shame. :frowning:

Ouch! You have $540 worth the stuff there. I hate to be the beacon of bad news, but FIRST has updated the controllers. 2003 equipment will no longer work with the new stuff.

Its still great stuff for home-made robots, and battle bots… but FIRST teams will not be able to use IFI parts from 2003.

Dang, I din’t know that about the regulations changing. My reserve prices are half of the Buy It Now price, so maybe I can get at least that much. If I had a radio for the robot unit I might keep them. Oh well, if they don’t sell then I may have to come up with a project that can be tethered to a laptop or something. Thanks for the heads up.

teams could still use them if they want to keep robots from previous years up and running, but I dont think the code from this years controllers will even run on the older systems.

It won’t, something we had to deal with when we made a test board. I believe it was Pbasic. Im more of a electrical guy but I’m positive that was it.