A true FIRST video?

I was wondering if anyone knew of a video that truly shows the idea of FIRST. Everything from getting sponsors… to finding out the game… to building a robot… and then to finally competing. But not competing to win but competing to have fun… to get to know other people… to work as a team… and too express yourself.

I feel that a video like that would be good to show to people who have no idea what FIRST is. If any of you think that you have or know of a video that fits that description please post a link or something. Thanks.

There was the Discover Science Channel Documentary. I have it, but it is like 500mb because it is like 45 minutes long. Also, I think it was 2004 FIRST gave a promotional VHS in the KOP. You might want to look into getting that.

Right. Which i do admit the Discovery Science Channel Documentary was a great video. But i was actually looking for something between 5 to 15 minutes. Actually now that i think about it it may be better to have a short video that quickly expresses all those ideas. Then if the people that your talking to at an event such as a “fair” where you would have a booth seen that vidoe and wanted to know more you could give them a dvd with a longer type video such as the discovery channel one.

I’m planning to start a new team in my area (Three teams in Arkansas?! Yes!), and I could really use a short, “What is this all about?” type video as well. I’ve been thinking about using the video from the 2004 kickoff (A LINK! ), but the video quality is not really suitable for a large format presentation.

I’d love some suggestions. I suppose I could always whip something up on my own. It just seems like something that would have already been done though - don’t want to reinvent the wheel. :smiley: