A universal sign to cancel co-op

Co-op can take up a large portion of a match for a team. If the other alliance fails to get their totes to that step, they wasted a portion of match and receive zero points for their efforts.

However, I do not think that teams willingly give up on co-op. At our matches in Arizona West, sometimes something involving the co-op would go wrong. A tote would get flipped, or a robot would die. Our alliance didn’t suddenly decide to not do co-op, its was the plan for co-op that had failed. The worst part was that once something did go wrong, there was no way to tell the other alliance who was still working on co-op totes that your alliance could not complete what was asked of them.

Now this may sound a little silly, but what I propose is since pool noodles are always available behind the wall until after co-op is complete, the team who was in charge of the co-op should send someone to hold two pool noodles in an “X” above the center driver station. The other alliance should respond by holding up an “X” to let the alliance who couldn’t get thier coop totes ready know they saw and understand. After both alliances see the “X” they can lower the “X’s” and resume normal play.

It could be detrimental to tell the other alliance that co-op is no longer an option, but it seems like the right thing to do.

I feel like it’s usually obvious (a tote flips on the other end, and everyone sees it), but this could be helpful

I was thinking of just putting a red card in the alliance station window if something caused us not to complete coop.

When pool noodles are in the air unexpectedly early, it means we’ve given up on co-op. Seems simple to me.

My team was able to speed up co-op significantly at Midwest. Although we have no way to do co-op, we assemble the co-op stack for our partners. They save time trying to assemble the stack, and we still have enough time to complete 2-3 stacks.

This seems like the best indicator that the other alliance does not want to complete coop, without adding any extra hassle for the drivers.

Drive coach raises hand to get the other sides attention and chooses a signal if they are calling it off

When human players start desperately throwing noodles and totes, it’s a pretty good sign that co-op got botched.

We usually discussed the litter thing during coop negotiations, and the general agreement was that we would all hold off on throwing litter until coop is finished, or the other side starts throwing litter. I think we all understood that throwing litter means you gave up on coop