A very cool movie for download (aircraft)


This movie was made using the game IL-2 Sturmovik: The Forgotten Battles with the Ace Expansion Pack.

The video opens with two P-38L Lightnings fighting their way through 3 A6M(2 or 5) Zeros. The next day, the american base is attacked by lots of zeroes, and the americans struggle to get their crates airborn under heavy fire.

The download is large, but well worth it. The video was made by the Silver Triggers (an aerobatics squadron), specifically, Pawnee (who I am not).

The graphics are incredibly, Pawnee did an amazing job with the sound, lots of fun scenes. Some great formation landings and takeoffs (silver triggers do that kind of thing)

If you have time, download and watch this.

If it is well recieved, there are many more where that came from.

it is 11 minutes long.

Awesome movie!

I’ve played pretty much every flight/combat simulator out there except for IL-2 Sturmovik. Looks like i might have to check this one out next time im in EB Games, unless it’s as buggy as Microsoft’s Combat Flight Simulator 3 was.

Right now i average about 1 or 2 hours a day in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 and Combat Flight Simulator 3 so I’m always up for you posting some more movies like this.

CFS3 is the laughingstock of the IL-2 community. IL-2 is the single best computer game I have ever played. I’ve read an article written by a test pilot (who has flown most of the aircraft in IL-2) who says the IL-2 flight models are pretty much spot on. here is the review. Capt. Eric M Brown: here

Damage model is incredible. Just about everything is modeled. You will be in a jug firing at a 109, and the 109 pilot bails out . . . . and then you run into him destroying your engine . . .

Attention to detail is also quite fantastic. Fuel tankers will explode and destroy a good radius around them. When you strafe a convoy, you will see people jump out and run away from the vehicles. They are more than eye-candy: you can strafe and kill them, too. The cockpits are beautifully done.

Just about everything about this game is fantastic. One more thing: There are no community flight models or aircraft, so all the models and flight models are excellent, making online play very unlike the airquake you get in CFS3.

Buy it.

here is another fun thread showing a Jug taking a human to the engine and exploding. It appears that humans are overmodeled. You also see some good strafing going on.

Haha! check out these two pics!!

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You can download there, I checked the link.

“Bellum” second to last on the page.