A very exemplary team

This post is late. REALLY late. But I had to post it anyway, because of how amazing this team is.

This team was a regional finalist, allying as the #2 seed with the #1 seed to blow away the competition.

This team also won the Regional chairman’s award, an award well deserved. They have been true mentors to 3397, helping us win our only regional ever. They give us advice whenever we need it, and are always there for us. They are a team that everyone should look up to.

Their coach took home a regional woodie flowers award. She is one of the nicest and most influential coaches that you will ever meet.

They also are home to a 2011 National Dean’s list honoree. He is the fine captain of this great team.

They took home the triple crown for the St. Louis regional.

3397 has looked up to this team for years, and cannot thank this wonderful team enough.

1985, you guys are amazing. All of your awards are well earned, and I just thought that a shout out to this wonderful team was necessary of the St. Louis regional, 2012.

Thank you, Robohawks.

Wow, thank you for your kind words. We all really appreciate it.

Totally true. We got to work with 1985 last year, and they are great competitors who are also super nice.

I think I can only repeat what Tommy said, Wow! Thank you so much for the very kind words. We have enjoyed working with the Robolions and all of the St. Louis area teams so much. You have been great on the field and at all the outreach events as well. St. Louis is really developing as a great place for FIRST teams to work and young engineers to develop their skills. All of the local teams and volunteers deserve a hearty pat on the back for the great work they do for the community. Thank you again!:slight_smile:

I have to agree - we’ve been to three tournaments with them this year (GKC, STL, Champs) and 1985 is a Class Act.

And there was even some Orange Chicken left at the Old Country Buffet. :slight_smile: