A (Very) Reliable Source Says...

Talked with someone @ FIRST today…they said to expect Team Update #3 by Friday…

What is FIRT thinking, over half the teams are already building their bot and they are changing the rules on us.

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**What is FIRT thinking, over half the teams are already building their bot and they are changing the rules on us. **

FIrst of all, I’m not sure if over half the teams are “already building their bot.” I suppose I personally find that a bit foolhardy to be building by now. Most teams should however be designing by now. And in team updates, FIRST usually doesn’t change the rules. Most of the time they just clarify rules and sometimes they lessen the restrictions of those rules.


I don’t think you are foolhardy to be building by now. In the past we didn’t start until about week 3 and got little practice time in plus we ended up staying late(after 9:00 P.M. every night) for the last 3 weeks. This year our bot is half done right now and we should be fully operational in about another 1.5 weeks so we can practice, crash it, rebuild it. This year we have 3 teams in the same building area so a scrimage will be really fun. This is a luxury we have never had in the past, but you can’t have it unless you are building in the first weeks. At the minimum you should have a prototype by now in my mind. If the engineers I work with stay too many nights late, thier spouses will put an end to it or they can stay even later because they won’t have a spouse anymore.!

I am really excited about this year!


School starts Jan 28th. That’s our deadline too. We want a whole chunk of it done by then.

-anton who is crossing his fingers

anyone know what happened to update #3?:confused:

obviously, the (very) reliable source isn’t very reliable :wink:

Must have gotten delayed…I know in a Q&A i got on Saturday morning, it mentioned an update being released “today”…

I too saw that post on the yahoo forum saying that a couple of details would be made clear on an update which was said to be released last friday.

I don’t think anyone needs to really worry about rules changing unless your bot really pushes the rules. Much of it also has to do with documentation that will or has been released.

Well, I think if there’s an update with any major changes, I know FIRST would have several angry letters from teams. I think that as of right now, there will be no incredible team updates. It would just mess up the flow too much.

usually when they have an update this late, it will just be a clarification of rules

Which friday are we talking about? The last friday was 3 days ago today (monday). Just my two cents… not much you can get for that these days though. Maybe a nut or washer. Then again, drill out one penny and you’ve a washer anyway… I’m just rambling now so I’ll stop.