A Vigil to the procrastinators

Alright I will say it. My teams robot is not done. We are having difficulties with our solenoids, but Im not posting this for help with that. Im posting this so that other teams that arent done can read this and hear they arent alone, so they can ignore the finished robotoded CD-Media. So post here if your team is still working. And while I think its great that your team might be done, I dont need posts about how you finished weeks ago and have been practicing ever since. Thanks!

My Team has not finished yet. But I am sure they will pull it together.

And I’m sure that everyone is hearing the same thing…

“But we’re THIS close…10 more minutes, we swear!”

At least that’s what I heard from the shop at 10.

And 10:30.

And 11…

I swear that the last day of build season is as close as I wil ever come to knowing what its like to be PMSing. Im overall cranky, but every 20 min I go from really happy to really frustrated.

i have to say we were done when i last seen the bot on thursday and its not perfect but for three weeks of work it does pretty good for a rookie team so you guys should have no problem getting the loose ends tied up at your competition goog luck to all.

We’ve been driving for a day or two, but the pickup forks are not ready for primetime yet after stewing on them for much of the evening. I guess that’s why we have Thursday at Chesapeake.

We had our prototype robot done last week, ran that at the sunday Muncie practice, but we were working to finish the game robot till about 11:50 last night.

Pictures to be posted just before ship. In short, it’s sexy. (See Previous Robots For Sample) :smiley:

Good luck everyone getting everything done in time! Remember, you still have the 10hour fix it window.

Just make sure you weigh it before you ship it… :wink:


Remember, it isn’t just procrastination that can make you late.

In our case, a failed omnidrive drive train (not a standard omni, very different in fact), plus a supplier that strung us along for 2 weeks on linear slides caused us to be up the wire. We have a couple things we know we need to change, but it can drive, it can lift, and I have to admit I’m darn glad to see it gone! :smiley:

We managed to solve our lifting system around 9pm last night. After all the meetings, planning, talking, and hard work, we ended up with a working robot, just 2 hours earlier than last year. Fortunately, we can all de-stress
now, for a couple of days.

And I’m sure with the crazy driver yous got … you’ll need every second of it.
Oh wait a min, aren’t you driving this year? :stuck_out_tongue:

Our team regularly flies ProcrastinatAir. Last year, we built our entire arm in the pits at Milwaukee… three times over. We shipped with a barely functioning arm after working from 6 pm to 7 am. This year, our lift can raise itself maybe half of the time, and probably needs at least some rebuilding if it will work at all in comp. I’m not trying to slam our team or anything (sorry Katie), but its good to see we aren’t the only ones.

AAAAAH! Just had to get that out of my system…We finished the robot about two hours before the FedEx Truck arrived:eek: but as a rookie team we did a lot better than I thought we could’ve done. We are able to do all of the tasks with a fork lift thingy. When it was finally time to ship it off it was a bittersweet moment…anyone else feel the same when their robot drove off?