A Visit to Lucasfilm | Galactic Builders ft. Citrus Circuits

FIRST has a four-part video series they are developing with Star Wars and A Force for Change. The second installment was just released today, featuring Citrus Circuits and Thunderbots. Hope you enjoy the video! I know a few other FRC teams will be featured in the next two installments.


When did they send out the first one?

Just last week! Here is episode 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zdWfXU_sGaE

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Ok, thanks! Can’t wait to watch!

That’s super cool! Not only is it great to see FIRST students get opportunities to meet such amazing people, but also Citrus Circuits and Thunderbots did a fantastic job of #makingitloud on a more public stage. The little snippets of FLL and FRC shown were, in my opinion, some of the best portrayed examples of making FIRST look cool in the mainstream. I can’t wait to see more!


He ripped his head off! Poor BB-8

This is awesome! What a neat experience!

Episode 3 was released today, featuring FRC 1902!


These videos are absolutely excellent. I’m really impressed by the professionalism of the students chosen for the visit, and how awesome their hosts are as well and show genuine interest in what the kids are learning.

Really great stuff, FIRST hit the nail on the head with these videos.


I completely missed it, but FRC 846, The Funky Monkeys were featured in the last episode of the Galactic Builders series

Personally, this one was my favorite of the four episodes. 1678 filmed in the same studio at Industrial Light and Magic, but we didn’t get to see the motion captures system in action. Very cool to see the the 846 students learn about the system and get to do a live demo! Great work!


I was fortunate enough to attend the recording/capture with the students. During conversations with ILM and Lucas Film staff, it became apparent that getting an opportunity to wear the mo-cap suit and work on the capture stage is pretty special. It was essentially on the staff’s “bucket list” and they were envious of Anna and Kunal!

There was a lot of recording during the long day and unfortunately the scenes interacting with a rolling R2D2 were left on the “(digital) cutting room floor”. That’s disappointing as that portion really showcased the presentation comfort level of the two students. None the less, I’m very proud of Anna and Kunal and their ability to represent The Funky Monkeys, FIRST and promote STEAM to a broader community.