A World of FIRST Day 2011!

Hey Everyone :smiley:

No matter how you’re involved with FIRST, wear your shirt at some point on Wednesday, September 14th, so we can take the world by storm. FIRST logos should be everywhere… I want to see multiple numbers strolling around streets and stores, and high-fiving each other when they see each other :). Let’s make it so that people who aren’t involved with FIRST ask questions after seeing the logo and name all day. Spread the word! Invite everyone you know from FIRST! This is in September in the middle of the week because everyone’s back in school to show off their colors! Have work? Wear it before/after! Or just wear it to bed to still get in the spirit of it.

If you have Facebook, you can get the details, sign up as “Attending”, and help a lot by spreading the word to get even more people to join in! Here’s the link: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=206714226032784

INVITE EVERYONE YOU KNOW IN FIRST! FRC, FTC, FLL, Jr. FLL, volunteers, staff, sponsors who might have a shirt, everyone! Share this on all your social media sites and let’s get this thing going!

Great idea! I just invited all the robotics people i know on facebook :cool:

Great Idea, some FIRST people i talk say that they wont wear their robotics stuff out side of robotics for fear of being labeled a geek. But this event will show the world that being excited about science/engineering is just as cool as sports.

Awesome! Our team is very large (this year about 65 students and 35 mentors) so there’s never a school day where at least one person isn’t wearing their team shirt. I’m not sure what type of team you’re from (for example, we’re associated with our public high school made up of two small towns in NH) but I think what makes our members so proud to be a part of the team and wear team shirts all the time is because we make sure to get kids together to volunteer at local events (Old Home Days, our town’s Strawberry Festival, anything put on by the Rotary, that kind of stuff) - not just the big-name events and definitely not just events having to to with science and technology, so in return we gain the entire community’s support and everyone in the two towns that make up our high school district has at least heard of the FIRST team. I’m not sure if this is something you already do, but I think it really helps. Also, whenever we have a competition coming up we have a small message read in the morning announcements at school before the event and after the event saying how we did or what awards we won. Both the students and staff at our school know who we are and ask us how we’re doing and respect us, I think it’s because of the little local things rather than the big ones. Might take a couple years, we definitely weren’t as genuinely spirited just a few years ago :). I hope that helps!


I am a college student and am not currently associated with any team. But both teams that i have worked with did not have a problem with showing their spirit in public. My comment above stems from talking with other teams at events and in other public setting where FIRST is brought up. This event is a great opportunity for teams to take your suggestions above and relay show what FIRST has to offer. I know i would not be an Engineering student with out FIRST.

This is a great idea… we should have one every year! I will definitely participate.

I actually do this much more than I realize it :slight_smile: Teams shirts are always fun to wear and people like to question what its about! I always enjoy talking about FIRST! :slight_smile:

  • Andrew

Yep, I know how that is :slight_smile: lol. Hey… Exploding Bacon! I’m from New Hampshire but I’ll be starting at FIT in Melbourne in the fall, hopefully mentoring a local team (looking at 233 right now) but if not my freshman year then I’ll at the very least be volunteering at the Orlando Regional :).


Sounds like good fun! :slight_smile: 233 is a lot of fun to talk to, and I’m sure they are a BLAST to work with! Also have fun at FIT! But if all else fails for mentorship (sure it won’t) Bacon is always accepting new members! :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway I have to get some CADding done for a Job Interview on Monday! :slight_smile:

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So I just had this thought: we don’t have the FIRST logo on our shirts. Is this a problem. (Obviously, I mean in a wider context than this event.) How important would you consider displaying the FIRST logo on your team shirt? Does your team shirt have the logo, and if so, how big is it?

Our team does have the logo on our shirts which for some seems like an oxymoron when at competition but when wearing it during the day, at demos, and other events it is a great way to get the word out. I have a FIRST pin that I wear on my work uniform and I have gotten a lot of comments from: my child was in their program, I know someone who works their, I saw them in the newspaper, etc.

I attend world of FIRST day all day errday with how many shirts, sweatshirts, and jackets I have! :wink:

I don’t think this is a problem, in the simple case of making team shirts it’s really what each team wants. I mentored an FLL team this year that got really simple shirts using only one color that we screen printed in a mentor’s basement using our own printouts lol so we couldn’t even do the FIRST logo well in one color (black) and it wouldn’t have come out that well when we printed it out. On 1073’s team shirts, yes, we do have the logo. We have it twice on the back across from each other towards the middle (top to bottom) on both sides of our list of sponsors (if that makes sense when I type it) and they’re relatively small - no more than two inches tall.

Not at all, if I understand this event it is to start the conversation. I can’t tell you how many conversations my 33 hat sparked over the last term at Kettering and it doesn’t have the FIRST logo on it.

Check out the FLL bog, I posted about “A World of FIRST Day 2011” there!


Hey Everyone!

It’s pretty stellar to see how big this is getting after a day! We now have a blog that will function as the day’s website at worldfirstday.wordpress.com. Comment and share away so we can generate some more buzz! Updates will be coming soon on that site for a Flickr account where people can upload photos of certainly wearing their FIRST stuff around that day, but there will be more opportunities to add photos as well, such as taking pictures wearing FIRST shirts in different places :).

Thanks everyone for spreading the word!


Love it!
Team 3161 members and mentors will definitely be participating :slight_smile:

Now that the time is much closer (a little over two weeks) we need to remind everyone that this event is coming up.

Wear your team shirt to school, work or just around town for the day to stir interest in FIRST and your robotics team. It is still relatively fresh in some minds after the Wil.I.Am special last month, so this is just reinforcement.

We will be wearing ours!
How about you?

GREAT IDEA!!! :smiley:

It is now occurring to me, why is this not on a Friday so those who work with dress codes could wear a FIRST related thing on their casual Friday?

That occurred to me after I realized that there is such thing as casual Friday at an internship this summer… next year!!

Just an update - organically (mostly word of mouth/taking it easy and not posting a whole lot past the first week this year) we’re about 500 away from 5000 attendees on Facebook. That’s pretty STELLAR! :slight_smile: so anyways, based on this year I’m looking for ideas for future years. Here’s what I have so far, please let me know absolutely any recommendations having to do with any of this!

-Should be on a Friday (casual Fridays at Work, etc.)

-More online exposure about this (more continuous push, this year there was a lot of hype the first week and then no follow through… for future years we’ll implement ideas like having the open Flickr gallery where people can post to and set up hashtags for people to post more photos, etc. to Twitter)

-Recommend to FIRST to make buying apparel easier on their site/have more options for people (mostly for supporters not associated with teams)