A World of FIRST Day 2011!

This might be a bit out there, but maybe we could get World of First Day T-shirts (for next year of course).
Just a thought,

I plan in wearing my team shirt and one of my many FIRST hats. I will invite everyine I know on my team (or any team) to this event!

Currently letting everyone I know on my team about this, not that there isn’t really a day I’m not wearing a team/first shirt to school or around town, but it would be awesome to see everyone wearing their team shirts!

An idea for the online exposure that I just thought of before was to have some sort of universal “World Of FIRST Day” profile picture for Facebook. Or just say everyone should set their profile pic to the FIRST logo that day.

I have a FIRST belt, hat,chain, pendant, shirts, buttons. I wear FIRST wherever I go. Everyday.Without Fail. Proudly.
When asked about it I start out with: You ever seen or been a Segway?..etc

This sounds like a really great idea. I’m sure to tell all of the members of my team about it.

Team 135 students, future students, mentors, parents, and alumni will all be participating :smiley:
ABSOLUTELY love this!!!

As far as I know, every one on my team will be participating tomorrow. Team members were notified on our google groups, at our 1st friday meeting of the year, and i will re remind everyone who shows up at our training tonight.

Maybe this could be a “first Friday of the month” type of thing instead of doing it once per year.

Around here, students apparently don’t care if they look geeky in their robotics shirts, because my students wear them to school pretty often. It’s fun to see those shirts in the hallways.

Over 5,200 attending, congratulations.

Less than 6 hours until WOFD begins, can’t wait! :smiley:

I still think this would have been a much better idea…

I hope everyone will be posting pictures and stories about WoFD 2011. Can’t wait to see the impact.

Who will be the first to get a picture posted on WoFD?
Most remote?
Largest group of FIRST shirts in a single picture?
Last picture posted on WoFD?

Let the celebration begin.

I almost forgot to do this tomorrow! Well, today now, actually. I think I will wear only FIRST shirts the rest of the week for the heck of it! I have plenty! :smiley:

I plan on wearing a FIRST shirt Friday (probably my 33 shirt) to drum up interest for TNT.

Got my red and gold shirt on! While I don’t think I’ll see too many FIRSTers at my school outside my team, I’ll try to keep a look out. Any San Jose people gonna wear their shirts today?

Sporting my Yellow KB mentor dress shirt.

So, apparently a bright wall of Yellow will get you a lot of attention in the office…:yikes:

FINALLY decided which shirt to wear today! (It took awhile considering I brought all but 3 of my FIRST shirts to college with me.)

And today’s team is… SWAMP THING! 179!!! (Just got this shirt this year at the Florida Regional!)

Gave a 2005 Team 48 Thursday t-shirt to a new student (former CIA 291 member) to wear - he doesn’t go to Warren G. Harding High School. The t-shirt had the Harding name on it (small lettering). Turns out his school’s (stupid?) policy does not permit wearing shirts sporting the names of other schools. He received detention. We both had a good laugh.

Maybe they thought the nonexistent robotics team members at his school would up and shank him for wearing another “gang”'s colors…:rolleyes: When you’re ELITE, you’re ELITE all the wayyyy…

Hey, I’d shank you with a sharpened rivet for wearing a 48 shirt on my turf! :stuck_out_tongue:

All joking aside, a good thing to note if this happens again would be to check with all relevant school rules. Or just wear a generic FIRST shirt.

What possible purpose could that rule even serve? Seriously?