AA was the best game ever...

I have high hopes for 2018. All evidence points toward things that I think will make for Power Up being a great game. I sincerely hope for a NEW Best Game Ever, and think we have a chance for it this year. Best of luck to all teams!

What in specific makes you say this?

What we need is a truly open field. We haven’t had one in 3 years now…

We need terrain and no shooting anything.

FTFY. I’m open to traversing some ramps or a bump, but I’m less keen on building 9 kinds of obstacles, some of which totally don’t behave like the ones on the official field*, again.

*looking at YOU, Portcullis and drawbridge…

I hurt that you would even think I would want obstacles that couldn’t remotely handle the robots they were supposedly designed for.

  1. Frank’s statement about simplifying the field for the poor folks who set up and tear down at each event. This effect will trickle down to us at the team level, in terms of the amount of resources (time, money, space) we have to put into our practice fields. I also think it might mean open viewing for cameras and spectators.

  2. The GDC is now in their fourth year under the new leadership. They have learned and matured, and (I think) gotten better at game design.

  3. The theme is better by far than the previous three.

  4. What I have seen all year from Frank looks like transparency, a willingness to listen to feedback and make appropriate changes, and a sincere heart. These can only lead to good things, on the field and off. In short, I think we (the students, coaches, mentors, parents, and fans) are being * listened to* and treated with respect. That is huge.

I also have some speculative ideas about the playing field and at least one of the game goals, but I’m likely wrong about these, so I’ll not make that one of my “reasons”.

Don’t even get me started, we over engineered our mechanism for the portcullis that year.

It would be nice to see a year with a more open field, not a lot of field pieces (since the more there are, the more deviation between the real field and your own field, or even from field to field) and not a shooting game.

Didn’t we just have this discussion? https://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?t=157571&highlight=Aerial+assist+was+lit

I really want a game with shooting objects (perhaps “coins”) as the main focus. Games that have that characteristic are very easy to understand and explain to people who aren’t familiar with FIRST and FRC. Stronghold was easy to explain, but the whole gear and differing kPa values per each ball shot scoring system this year was harder to explain.

:o Erm, yeah. I guess I focus on the same thing a lot. I should have used the Search function to see if I’d already posted this :o Sorry!

My real point is that I think the stars seem to be aligning for a great new game. I hope 2018 will he remembered as the best.

I think shooting things has is an interesting controls challenge and fun to watch. I just hope it isn’t a spherical ball, we’ve had a lot of those.

Recycle rush had a pretty great theme in my opinion. I think we will have to wait till kickoff to see if retro video gaming is really more fun than recycling…:wink: