our actual domain name

doesn’t work

if anyone knows what might be wrong between our server and our site please give me suggestions.

by the way,
welt is german for world

if you want to see how the site looks go here

Well…there’s no ping reply…and there’s no resolvable IP address. Did you point the domain to the correct NS servers? If so, are they running/working? Can you access the site by its IP address?

yes…but it took over 4 days to work.

It looks like you’ve got some DNS issues. It appears that the domain is registered properly, as it has a whois record and two DNS servers named. However, I can’t ping the second one. Also, it appears that Breezeland is down as I can’t even get to right now.

yeah. that’s DNS issues. Also check with your registrar to see if you entered the first and secondary DNS locations accordingly.

It looks like Breezeland is at fault. I couldn’t trace or find either, yet they both do have entries that come up. Check with the name servers, this is how they are listed:


Was hostgroup1 your previous host? If it was, it is still looking at their server for your site. Is Breezeland a reseller for them? Their nameservers and the same as your site.

I can’t access either site.