abec 1339 teaser


I know what those are :wink: I actually use those on my long board. Are you planning on using those on your shooter?

I literally just asked a friend a few hours ago what skateboard wheels he knew of that were about 2"+ wide, and he pointed me to Abec - what a coincidence!

Very cool idea, we thought of a lot of wheel ideas, but long board wheels never came up. Let us know how they work for you.

[strike]I thinking know what that’s for…corner climbing?[/strike]

These are working well for the shooter. Advantages: designed for high speed, no tread separation, little wear, good grip, easy to modify for attachment to gearboxes and motors. Disadvantages: relatively expensive for small wheels, somewhat heavy.

I bet something like this would work for a corner climber, too. Yikes!

I’m curious as to what sort of compression you’re putting on the discs, because longboard wheels don’t compress much, if any. Have you prototyped a pneumatic wheel shooter? How would you say it compares, if you have?

Easy to modify for gearboxes and motors huh? Custom machine your own hubs for them? Most longboards I’ve seen are unpowered dead axles. :rolleyes:

I’ll have to ask the group that’s been testing them what their compression is. We chose these wheels specifically for their low durometer rating, and for the old-school cantilevered edge that allows for compression to a larger degree than modern wheels. We have tested other skate wheels, as well as the AndyMark 8" pneumatics. We got a little more distance with the pneumatics, but with increased vibration and size that we didn’t want to compromise for. Currently they are shooting a consistent 40’ at a 5 degree angle. We are still working out the kinks but feel they will be our best option to accomplish our goals. We are using the Vexpro planetaries at 5:1 and 1:1 with the BAG motors.

Yes, they were easy to modify. A 1" hole through the center, mounted to whichever AndyMark hub we wanted to try for the various motor/gearbox combinations we’ve put them through. For these wheels, we flattened the back so as to make them lighter and easier to mount. It took about 5 minutes per wheel. No need for sarcasm.