Abhi's Onshape Features & Configs

Hi everyone, over the past couple of months I have made a few featurescripts & configurations in Onshape. Let me know what you think about them:

Here is the link: https://tinyurl.com/abhifs

WCD Gen - This featurescript allows you to create the 2 WCD tubes one needs to make a drivetrain. I tried to add as many different options I could think of with a 6 wheel drive.

Set Materials - This featurescript focuses on setting on both the materials and appearances of parts in a part studio. The list of materials & appearances I have on this list is dynamic, I will add materials and appearances as I use more.

Chamfer All - I’ve started to use chamfers more in parts, so now I’ve made a featurescript that chamfers all the edges of a selected face. I have also added the option to restrict the chamfering of circles under a certain diameter. For example, If I want to chamfer .875 inch bearing holes but not the mounting holes, I can set a minimum circle diameter of .875 inch to avoid the mounting holes. If you would like to include all the circular edges on the part, simply input 0 in for minimum circle diameter.

The rest of the featurescripts in that link are not made by me but are featurescripts that I modified slightly to work better to my needs or are just there for my reference. One of them is the Sprocket FS which was previously restricted to 150 max teeth on the sprocket. I increased the max number of teeth and added an automatic naming system for the sprocket.

I also have started a couple of assembly configurations. One of the more commonly used types of shafts in FRC is 2 gears on a shaft with 2 bearings. I made a configurable assembly that automates this process. I have also made a couple of configurable assemblies for the output shaft of a gearbox.

Let me know what you think about them.


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