aBOMination - 2019 BOM Template with Automatic Weight, Cost, and KOP deductions


2019 BOM/CAW Template with Automatic Cost, Weight, and KOP Deductions

After getting tired of constant needs to weight the robot, and the need to run manual calculations on KOP item deductions for a final BOM, I thought to why not automate it? Hence, aBOMination was created :slight_smile:


  • Automatic KOP deductions on cost, but preserves total amount on the robot.
  • Weight calculations
  • Quick-reference numbers for budget used / remaining
  • Optional team part inventory for quick reference
  • Nice metal distance / cost display

Installing / Getting started

To get started, download the template here. aBOMination_2019_v1_template.xltx (227.9 KB)

Initial Configuration

The full file comes with four pages. An all-parts list, the BOM template, an example sheet (using past-year parts to make a convincing-sounding robot :slight_smile: ), and the Metal Calculations.

Using the sheet


Most of the user input takes place on the right-hand side of the sheet. To enter a part in the sheet, you would:

  1. Add your part name to to column S
  2. Add in KOP quantities as needed
  3. Populate cost, total quantity on robot, and vendor details
  4. Add unit weight

visual instructions online here

Metal Calculations

Metal calculations are done on a separate sheet, so that you can independently update the measurements of each part without having to dig through a crazy formula. Simply update and/or copy the examples to work with more metal types or measurements. Make sure that in the quantity area for a part.
visual instructions online here


All-Parts is a quick-reference sheet for KOP items, but can be expanded to include parts your team has purchased. For example, we have BOM histories stored in our version going back to 2014 when we started, so that we can reference any part we’ve purchased and the amount.

All-Parts is also released stand-alone, as seen here.

Printing / Formatting

Ready to print? Hide those extra columns! They will keep your calculations intact but not show up on a printed report.

Google Sheets Support

aBOMination does support Google Sheets. If the Excel file doesn’t upload nicely, reach out and I’d be happy to help you fix it.


If you’d like to contribute, feel free to re-upload or send me ideas / changes to the sheet. Please kindly include a reference back to this thread if you re-distribute per the GPL.

Support / Questions?

Feel free to PM me on CD, post in this thread, or reach out via email at tschroder@frc5243.us


This project is licensed under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE, Version 3 released on 29 June 2007.