About CAN-Controller area network

I had read about Controller area network and didn’t understand. Can anyone tell me what is CAN, its origin its usage and how it works please? Thank you very much

See the link to the PDF below for all the specifics as it relates to the CAN Protocol itself.

TI Paper on CAN

In short, it is a form of serial communication originally developed for the automotive industry by BOSCH. In FRC applications, we are typically sending and receiving motor controller, VRM, and PCM information including but not limited to voltage, current, temperature, and encoder data between those devices and the ROBORIO.

*Anyone is welcome to correct me if I’m missing or misunderstanding something. That is just my short spiel to introduce my students to the concept.


Thank you, the PDF was extremely helpful

You got it.

It’s not the most modern standard, but it’s robust and widely used.

It’s also got my absolute favorite way of having multiple devices self-negotiate who talks first, in real-time.

For most FRC teams, “choosing CAN” over anything else is rarely the decision you make. Choose the hardware you want to use (or can afford), then the communication network choice will follow. CAN wiring can be simpler than other types, and can communicate bidirectionally with more diverse info, but also can have higher latency than other types of communication (I2C, SPI, PWM, etc.).

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