About duct tape and CAN bus

It may seems stupid but I just wanna know if we can use duct tap to connect CAN buses. I know it’s restricted but we would just use it on CAN buses and they are too slim for shrink tubes

What exactly do you mean? Are you taping together PWM-like connectors with the can wires (similar to the VictorSPX ones)? Are you covering the bare wires?

Regardless, there should be no legal problem with covering them using duct tape. I would strongly reccomend using heat shrink (you can buy smaller sizes) though as it will hold much stronger than duct tape.


Use connectors like these, https://www.amazon.com/Hobbypower-Connector-Silicone-Cable-10pairs/dp/B00E7MXA2W.

I see you are in Vietnam so many of the suppliers that most of the teams use will not be easily accessible to you. You should still be able to find small diameter heat shrink tubing in Vietnam.

How are you making the actual electrical connections with the CAN Bus wires? Are you soldering the wires or using some sort of connector? Please do not just twist the wires together. That would not be a reliable enough solution.

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We use WAGO “Lever Nut” connectors (you can find them here on amazon) and they’ve been pretty good to us. You can use duct tape if needed, but these WAGOs are so much better and makes it easy to swap CAN devices if, let’s say, a TALON fails. They are easy to connect and disconnect, and actually hold the wire in pretty well.

EDIT: I know that certain things in your area may not be able to be acquired, but I hope this helps anyway.

my team uses this type of crimp to connect any can wires and they are cheap and easy to use

If you’re going to use duct tape on your CAN bus then make sure you use only “School Bus Yellow” duct tape.

It’s the only kind of duct tape I would trust with a bus.

Now that the memery has been dispatched with…

I can’t honestly tell if this is a serious post but the serious answer to your question is to use either some form of latching connector or do what we’ve been doing since 2015/2016 and solder all of your CAN wires together and put heat shrink around them. You want to make sure you have a robust and secure connection for your CAN bus.


I wouldn’t use duct tape on the CAN bus. I’d use electrical tape. There isn’t much electricity going through the CAN wires, but there is electricity there, and I’d rather not take the risk of it contacting something else conductive.

I’m sure you can find electrical tape that was designed to insulate electronics. Not only that if you need to make repairs/changes it will come off w/o leaving a bunch of goo unlike most things sold as duct tape. You should have got a roll of both red and black electrical tape in your KOP (as well as some very small shrink tube.