About Hotels

Our team was wondering if we were required to book hotels that FIRST has already set up for us. The reason is because we are probably getting a better deal from someone else.

Also thanks to those who helped our team come up with fundraising ideas. Yesterday we had one of the most organized meetings discussing these ideas and started writing letters up to send out.

You’re not required to, though you won’t get Wrap Party tickets ($45 per person) if you don’t.

And Sumathi, since you haven’t been to Atlanta, and I couldn’t be there today (darn lacrosse), WE NEED TO GO TO THE WRAP PARTY. It is a blast!

My team isn’t, only because most of them are already booked. The only downside is having to pay 45 bucks for the Finale. Just make sure to book one close to MARTA, and preferably with free internet access.

@Chris and Emily: Thanks for the advise, this will be extremely helpful when deciding on hotels.

@Jeff: If its that epic then we probably will end up going = we need huge discounts if we want to book with Ryan.

Last year we booked outside of the Company they use and bought the wrap party tickets seperately. It was still cheaper per night.

Hey there, KC finalists and alliance partners! Congrats on the OKC win and glad to see you guys will be in Atlanta.

By the way, a lot more of the hotels have been sucked into Steele Meetings and it is much more difficult to get something outside the system. We have never (since Epcot) done the Wrap party package, but the only other hotels we could find were so far out or expensive that we caved and registered with Steele. Hope it works out, but you will probably be opening your wallets pretty far. :wink:

To all thanks for the info and the heads up. I think our team will be fine from here.