About Robot Power Distribution Diagram

How do you connect multiple CIM motors to the Robot Controller
from my point of view of the diagram it seems that to connect the motors from one victor speed controller
is it possible to use just 1 speed controller for multiple CIM motors or do you need multiple speed controllers?
-if I need more speed controllers where will I connect the speed controllers to?

thank you! Any help will be appreciated!

PS. is any of the diagrams(ie. speed controller, Robot contoller,etc.) on the Robot Power Distribution diagram available to make a custom diagram?

thanks again for any help! :confused:

<R77> No more than 1 motor may be connected to each speed controller.

If I remember correctly, the robot controller should have 16PWM outputs on the top (you can see them at the top of the RC in the diagram), meaning you can connect 16 speed controllers to those outputs.

Connecting two motors to the same speed controller can result in damge to the controller, hence the rule R77. Some teams have reported using a PWM “Y” cable, that is the PWM output from the RC is split to two controller PWM inputs. My team has not used this method, and prefers to have each motor fed from it’s own PWM. It is essential that the controllers for both motors in a dual motor transmission be calibrated, so that efficient operation can be accomplished. (one motor does not fight the other resulting in reduced speed and power and increased current.)

FIRST puts only 1 of each kind of motor to show what it should be connected for the sake of keeping the diagram uncluttered. Repeat how each device is connected if your using more than one.

thank you for your help! :slight_smile: