About the 206 Axis Camera

Hey guys !
Im having some tough time connecting the cam that cam with the kit.
i cant figure out where to connect the servos to…
I know that they need to be connected to the SideCar- But WHERE TO ?

thenks in advance,

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They connect to the pwm outputs, the same place that motors connect to. I believe the sample code uses pwm 1 and pwm 2.


When connecting servos to the sidecar, don’t forget you have to install jumpers to make the PWM outputs servo outputs.

Step by step for servo connection:

  1. wire power to the port on the digital sidecar
  2. plug servo into pwm port
  3. put jumper on the 2 prongs next to the port you selected (jumper is the same as the one you put on analog breakout for battery monitoring)

We have the same question. What PWMs does the default code use for the camera servos? It’s not 1 and 2, because the default code uses those for the drivetrain.

The LabVIEW default code does not use the servos.

What language are you using to program?

In LabVIEW the default code isn’t setup for driving the camera mount servos, but the servo camera example code is.

P.S. Sorry for my delayed response. I didn’t mean to give the impression I ignored Joe’s post. I just left my post sitting for 15 minutes while I went off and fixed my flaky Verizon DSL Internet connection, while Joe answered.

cant figure out what jumpers are…
can you give some detail/picture ?? thenks!

They are tiny, ~ 1/8 inch long, and are in one of the zip lock bags jumbled together with other parts. They could be colored black as in the KOP Checklist picture or white or another color.