About the C-Base angle structure and bumpers

Hi, we (team 3075 from Israel) have a question about the robot structure.
We want to know if we could put the bumpers like the image shows


The red line = bumpers
The black line = C-Base

Thanks guys !

The corners are not completely covered in this situation.

The bottom left and bottom right corner isn’t covered, although this may just be part of the drawing.

Your FRAME PERIMETER cannot be concave, the front bumpers would have to be perpendicular to the side bumpers. Though you can have a cutout in the frame.


^This would be legal.

I believe the image in the original post satisfies the bumper rules (edit: except for R24E, oops) . I am almost certain it satisfies the intent of the bumper rules. I am also sure not everyone will agree with my interpretation.

This is literally a “corner case” in the bumper rules. I expect there to be a clarification in either the Q&A or a manual update soon.


ROBOTS are required to use BUMPERS to protect all outside 
corners of the FRAME PERIMETER. For adequate protection, 
at least 8 in. of BUMPER must be placed on each side of 
each outside corner

I doubt the OP drawing follows the intent, or the letter of the rules. The two things on the indented part are not bumpers, according to R24, so there are no bumpers on one side of each corner of the robot on that end.


BUMPERS must be constructed as follows (see Figure 4-4):


E.   must attach to the FRAME PERIMETER of the ROBOT .....

The “inside bumpers” are not attached to the FRAME PERIMETER, are they?

Refer to the “blue box” in R02:

To determine the FRAME PERIMETER, wrap a piece of string 
around the ROBOT at the BUMPER ZONE described in R25. The 
string describes this polygon.