About the Python category


This category is for discussion of FIRST Robotics related software programming using Python – on robot, off robot, and everywhere in between!

Many teams now use python for various FIRST Robotics tasks: to control and simulate their robot, for image processing on coprocessors such as the Raspberry Pi, creation of scouting software, modeling, and much more!

In 2011, FIRST community members created the RobotPy project to make it easier for all teams to create FRC related software using Python.

More information about RobotPy

RobotPy is a community project and its tools are not officially supported by FIRST – see the FAQ for more information. If you are looking for more information about RobotPy, you may find these resources useful:

If you think you found a bug in a RobotPy project, please file a bug on github.

In addition to those resources, RobotPy community members monitor this category for new posts. Feel free to post a question here and someone may answer your question when they see it. Please keep in mind that . Please see the FAQ for more information.