About the Royal Assault Website

We have just published a series of web-pages that thoroughly describe each individual feature of Team357.org.

While the general user doesn’t see it, Team357.org is powered (behind the scenes) by a robust set of features such as article management, media management, email communication, etc. This system itself helps the team by increasing the management abilities (as well as speeding them up).

You may see similar features on other websites but one thing makes team357.org different. All of these features are tied together through a user database and are student-written. Every student and mentor has their own account, profile and password. Through this system, team members can change their profile information (the basic stuff like date of birth, grade, address, etc) as well as access different parts of the website.

What’s really cool is that each team member can be assigned specific privileges for the website. In effect they are given access to different things but not to everything. For example, we can give John Doe access to article publishing, we can give Adam Smith access to article publishing and media management, etc etc.

There is also the FLL tournament manager system I made too, which i haven’t had the time to document yet… but that will be done in a few days.

Between the FLL TM and Team357.org, I’ve clocked over 160 hours dedicated to this project.

For more information about the website… and to hopefully spark some ideas for your websites, click http://team357.org/index.php?page=insider_look/index

The documentation also includes some screenshots of the features in action :wink: