Absolute encoder giving weird values

Hello again, fellow programmers

Another problem has arose, our absolute encoder (MA3-A10-250-N) prints weird values of ~400 to ~2000 when we slightly rotate the system the encoder is attached to. We have tried resetting the encoder (See below)
Is there a way to convert the values into degrees, or is there something we are doing wrong? Any feedback is appreciated.

(e_turrent) is the analog input if anyone was wondering.

What breakout boards are you using?

We aren’t using breakout boards, the encoder is just connected to the Roborio into the analog In channel. To be exact, the analog wire from the encoder is soldered to a pwm cable which is then connected to the (0) channel of the Rio

Oh I have no idea then, we use breakout boards, we just started using the absolute encoders this year.

No problem, thank you for you response.

sometime when other power wires are close to the encoder, it can result in disruption of the values. Make sure you isolate the wires from other wires first. Also, are you sure that they return degree values? many encoders return tick values instead of actual degrees and you have to convert it by yourselves.

Hey Orbit, Thanks for the advice! It turns out we are using analog input instead which goes from 0 to 4096. Instead of tick values & pulse, there is a different way to convert this to degrees using some math.

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