Absolute hight = ?

We were wonderting about the definition of the robot’s height while on the opposite side of the field (the one closer to our alliance wall). [G20]

We know we can only be 60" tall while touching the carpet on the other side, but the question is - what exactly does “tall” mean? and what about “absolout height”? how do you measure the robot’s height? :confused:

thanks in advance
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B. the absolute height must not exceed 84 in.
C. the height of the Robot at the start of the match must not exceed 60 in.

(While on your own side. You are correct on the 60 inches while on the opposing side.) Found in the Robot section, under RO2.::rtm::

“Tall” means how many inches high the highest part of your robot is. It will be measured by probably by a tape measure.

…from the carpet, to the height of the highest point on the robot. Although it will probably be measured in the inspection area, before you’re allowed on the field

…and you will be well advised to design for 59 inches and not 60. Being a little smaller won’t affect things much, but if you are 1/4" too tall, you cannot play until that 1/4" comes off. Which may not be easy.

What about when on bridges? If you’re on your alliance bridge, but the part of you that’s over onto the opponent’s side isn’t smaller than 60" yet? What about the cooperatition bridge?

Robots in contact with the carpet on their Alliance Station end of the Court are limited to 60 in tall. Otherwise, Robots are limited to 84 in tall.
Violation: Foul; or Technical-Foul for repeated or continuous violation.
(emphasis mine)


I think the point is that if your robot is 60" tall when flat on the floor, and is driving down off a tilted bridge, you will be much taller than 60" measured from the floor when you first touch the carpet.

Not quite. Imagine that there’s a plane where your wheels touch the carpet. This plane moves with you, no matter how tilted your robot is, and the 60" ceiling is measured from that.

The rule Gary quoted was to emphasize that the 60" rule does not apply until your robot contacts the carpet. You’re safe on the bridge, but as soon as your front wheel touches the carpet, you had better be no more than 60" tall.

The 60" rule applies at ALL times. So, if you are using a shooting device that extends above your robot while shooting, that additional height counts. For example, a catapult that arcs over the top of the robot must count the catapult at its highest point. If that causes the bot to exceed 60", then you can’t use your shooter while on your side of the court.

Exactly. The FIRST Q&A answer may also help clarify: