Absolutely lost

if you hadn’t guessed, I’m a first year. Somewhat proficient in C, but I can’t find the source code for the bot. I’ve got all the 2008 software (C18 compiler, ITI loader, etc) is the code in there? if so, where? I’ve looked at all the code that’s in the topics pinned, but I didn’t see anything that looked relevant? Shouldn’t there be some huge .c file?

Go to http://ifirobotics.com/rc.shtml. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and download “2007 RC Code.”

You might also want to read this post http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showpost.php?p=561751&postcount=62

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Actually, if I recall correctly, the 2007 code will not work with version 3.0+ of the compiler.

To get the correct version, you can go to Kevin Watson’s website to download the proper code for this year. There are two versions on there: ifi_frc_sensor and ifi_frc_simple. The differences are explained on the site.

When you try to compile your code, you may get an error about “clib.lib.” To fix this, simply go to Project–>Build Options–>Directory. Then go to the Library Search Options and create a new one that points to wherever mcc18\lib is on your computer.

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EDIT: You may consider also looking in this thread for more information about this year’s code.

Okay got the code and saved all those .pdf and I got the code from kevin’s site.

a few more questions:
is there any exceedingly complicated procedure to load the code to the bot?
how exactly do you switch from Autonomous mode to Telop?

To load the code into the bot, simply compile (ctrl+F10), go to IFI Loader and navigate to the folder in which your code is contained. There should be the appropriate *.hex file there. Connect your laptop to the robot using the black serial cable you got in your electronics kit (you may need to use a USB to serial converter depending on your laptop–these are available at Radio Shack). Hit the “PROG” button on your robot controller for about 3 seconds or so and the Program State LED should light up amber. Then download your code to the robot.

As for switching between autonomous/hybrid and teleoperated mode, here are a few threads that address this topic: