AC/DC New single!

Surprised no one mentioned anything about the new CD (due October 20th) - the single Rock ‘N’ Roll Train is out at, great news for those old in age or spirit (like myself!).

EDIT - Also on

Best song in quite a long time!

Metallica’s new single give them a kick in the pants? :smiley:

Excuse me sir, this is a music topic! :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh man… I see the website says they are planning a tour.
I don’t care how old they are, the members of AC/DC are still Rock Gods!!
I’ll be buying tickets to that tour if it comes around my area!
<crosses fingers>

AHHHMAGOD!!! Come to Springfield! But what’s up with Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club being the only one carrying the new album?

Hears the sounds of a cash register going cha-ching

I’m really looking forward to this. AC/DC was the first classic rock band I ever really got into and they have never led me astray. Gotta admit I’m psyched for Metallica too though…