Academic Peer Reviewed Paper on FIRST Robotics.

Does anyone knows of any academic papers on the subject ?

I have seen several journal and conference papers about incorporating FIRST into a STEM curriculum. I haven’t seen any papers about anything technical, however (which makes sense - we generally aren’t doing cutting edge research).

Some papers on curricula incorporating FIRST:

What type of paper(s) are you looking for? As Jared pointed out, the subject matter across any papers out there probably isn’t too broad, but it would be nice to have an idea of what you are looking for.


Thanks !!!. This really helps. A lot reading for me to do :slight_smile:

Here is a paper I wrote on the subject :



Nothing in particular. I would like to use this thread to get discussion going among those that write academic papers on this subject, and hopefully we can add to the “body of work” already available.

I think it is not only important to see what the “popular media” is saying about FIRST Robotics, but also Academia thru scholarlly papers.


A few things come to mind- not exactly peer reviewed journals, but there may be some more out there or in development…

  1. Donn Griffiths presented his dissertation a few years ago at the FIRST Robotics Conference. I don’t know if he has submitted it for publication. (Nudge!)
  2. MOE mentors wrote a chapter, “Educational Robotics” in Ken Tobin’s *Teaching and Learning Science: A Handbook *(2006) SEE THREAD. (Shameless plug!)
  3. Recently mentors & students from Dawgma FRC1712 published an article in ITEA’s Technology Teacher “Portable Inspiration: The Necessity of STEM Outreach Investment,” which explained their outreach project which uses vex robots- SEE THREAD. (Awesome squared!)

BTW- Nice paper- Was it for a conference presentation? How should/could it be cited?


Thanks for your nice comment !. It is a conference paper presented at 2008 ASEE SouthEastern Conference. I think it should be cited as :

Chu, Marcos, “Engineering Sourcing in the Global Economy: Interrelationship Between Math, Science and Pre-Engineering K-12 Education” Proceedings of 2008 ASEE SouthEastern Section Annual Conference, Memphis, Tenesse, April 6-8, 2008.

I found another paper published from ASEE, I have not read it yet, but it seems pretty cool :