Accelerator/Decelerator in Java

Our robot is falling or jerking forward due to braking/stopping suddenly. We came to the conclusion to solve this problem through programming, using the accelerator/decelerator concept. How and where would we incorporate this concept into our code (We are using Java).

You may find this object from our library helpful. Note that it will take a bit of modification (not much - just the clock call I believe) to work outside of our framework.

What’s your drivetrain?

What wheels are you using?

Chains/belts/separately powered?

What motors are you using?

What gearbox and gear ratio?

What motor controllers? Are they set to brake or coast mode?

What’s your motor control method (open or closed loop)?

While I’m not sure if you’re using Talon SRXs, I know they have a built-in voltage ramp rate feature which allows you to configure, just as it sounds, the rate at which the voltage increases over time. Of course, adjusting this too far will make your drivetrain slow to react, but it might be just what you’re looking for … assuming your issue isn’t too heavily grounded in hardware.