If we are using a turntable design with the shooter on top of that. And the camera find s the green light during autonomous and shoots. Do we needs all of the acceleremoters/gyros/etc hooked up? Or can we just drive forward, find the light, and shoot? BEcause we didn’t put them on and I was wondering if it was a big deal just to leave them out.

I understand, the drive depends on the battery being charged but if we have a turntable for the gun, does it still need the gyros and what not?


the gyro acts as a feedback device to tell the RC what the robot is doing (how fast it is turning)

if you are using the camera to lock on the light, and turn towards it, that is also a ‘feedback’ device.

Its up to you - the gyro and accelerometers can be used for a lot of things. In engineering there are always alternative ways of doing the same thing. If you can get your robot to do what you want without these sensors, then you dont need them.

Also, there is no requirement to put them on your robot (in the rules).

Okay thanks, I was just wondering if we needed them wiht our design. i guess we’ll have to see how it goes.

If you are using the camera to aim then the gyro isn’t really THAT necessary. even if you are off a little bit due to voltage fluctuations in the battery the camera will still compensate

Navigation… we’re using it for semi-dead reckoning during the 10-second autonomous period. We figure, even if we get knocked off course, the accelerometer should register that, and we should be able to MOSTLY correct for that.