Accelerometer needed fast

Hi. My name is Steve and I am from team 1559. We are in need of an accelerometer. Preferably from last year. We need it as soon as possible so please respond.

I’m pretty sure that an accelerometer from the 2006 Kit of Parts does not meet the requirements for a legal part on a 2007 FRC Robot.

Any reason you cant use the 2007 accelerometer?

There has been some delay in getting the 2007 sensors out to teams… we received ours Feb. 9. For teams who don’t have sensors from previous years, this may be an issue.

It is also possible that some teams missed the notice to e-mail their sensor requests in to FIRST by Jan. 15 and are not receiving sensors.

However it is worth noting that we only just received ours… other teams may yet have theirs coming in the mail… although I suspect ours got delayed a day or three by customs. I’d mention my great love for customs and brokerage fees and passport requirements, but I suspect it pales in comparison to the challenges some of the overseas teams face.