Accelerometer Programming

What I was wondering is what kind of values should I expect to see from a Dual-Axis Accelerometer?

Does the Dual-Axis Accelerometer work the same as the 3-Axis.

(Put simply our 3-Axis accelerometer doesn’t work)

I have no access to our robot at the moment and I was wondering if a more experienced member of the community had any idea?


If the DAA is usable this year, would it be usable for Traction Control?

to answer your question, yes, as long as its an Analog devices ADX**** it will most likely read the same as the 3 axis.

But if your just starting with trying to make it work i wouldn’t waist your time. They are way to noisy for a low acceleration application such as this game, and require a rather complex high pass filter to get anything useful out of them.

We spent over a week playing with it and ended up decided it was to much work for the quality of reading it was giving us.

but that’s just my 2 cents,

Sadly, I think your probably right. Any last minute suggestions before tommorow.

What we have right now is 2 encoders mounted on each of the Toughbox’s from AndyMark. These both work just fine but what we want to do is create a traction control application. What I have gathered from that is if we have 2 more encoders or something that could measure wheel velocity (for 2 follower wheels).

well you basically you have two options from what I can see.

One is to just create an acceleration curve where you never accelerate faster than the surface allows, but then you will still slip in pushing matches, and will not be able to use the carpeted edges to there full potential.

The other option is to throw together a 5th wheel (extra un-driven wheel/caster) with an encoder on it and use it to gauge your actual speed and then limit your drive wheels to a fixed speed over the actual speed of the robot.

Personally i would chose #2 because #1 is almost useless, and option #2 is almost guaranteed to give you the best traction control for the amount of work it will take to implement.

There are some more extravagant solutions but I know I couldn’t pull them off in 2 days.

So how would I be able to get my hands on a encoder in that period of time?

We dont have any extra ones lying around sadly, but your idea makes perfect sense.

Im not sure about that one,

you could use a vex rotation sensor, steal one out of the scroll wheel of a mouse, or check with a local team?