Accelerometer Timer Question

I am looking over the accelerometer code tonight, this way when i go in to program tomorrow, I’ll be able to get started right away. I was looking over Kevin Watson’s accelerometer code and I think I am understanding it, but I had a few questions.

The void Timer_2_Int_Handler is what contains all of the code to actually calculate the current acceleration of the robot, and update that acceleration. (I hope I am right here, otherwise i think im gonna be in trouble :ahh: ) The void information says that it is called from user_routines_fast.c/InterruptHandlerLow(). This is where I am confused. Since we initialize the accelerometer with Initialize_Timer_2 which says it starts the timer, do I have to call this void (Timer_2_Int_Handler) in my user_routines.c or will it be automatically called. The reason why I am curious is b/c in the _fast.c code it shows the Timer_2_Int_Handler, but the _routines.c code is able to use the Get_Acceleration function and that stops the timer and returns the current acceleration, but how can Get_Acceleration work if i don’t call Timer_2_Int_Handler in _routines.c.
I hope i was clear in my confusion, sorry if i wasn’t.
So in short, do i need to call Timer_2_int_Hanlder in my user_routines.c code, or does the timer do it, and therefore all i need to do is call the get_acceleration?

Thanks for help with that question, and sorry if i made it more confusing then it was.

My other question deals with what analog port the code specifies for the accelerometer. I think it is the first analog port? Also how would I change the accelerometer.c code to change the port?

Thanks (in advance) for helping us out.

Do you have to look at an alarm clock for it to ring? No. It goes off when you tell it to. So does an interrupt… You do not call it.

Ok, thanks, that is what I thought, i just wasn’t sure, b/c it was called in _fast.c and that didn’t make any sense to me, especially since it is a timer.

Just to clarify, Timer_2_Int_Handler is called from InterruptHandlerLow which is called from InterruptVectorLow which is automatic.