Accepting FIRST Team Banners for Ad Space!

My name is Jeremiah Pegues and I’m with team 354. I figured we’d jump on the website thing a little earlier this year, and with that thought the 2009 website is up and running!
I wish i could find a better way to redirect to the page without a 2 second wait… Open to suggestions!*

We do have space for banners, with the little ad space we prefer to user (or that the template provides!)

I was really lazy, the picture is a horrible depiction of where the banners are at, because I have yet to place any there!

The picture is also huge so I didn’t wrap it around bbcode, just copy and paste!

For aesthetic purposes, the banners are required to be 637x120 pixels.

They may be linked to FIRST Team Websites only, or direct sponsors of a FIRST team (given that all permissions have been granted).

Last year, someone asked that they prefer to not be affiliated with “low-quality” websites. However I don’t think anyone has a $3000 budget for web design and hosting, and that does not at all embody the spirit and culture of FIRST. Its about community.*

Good Luck, and the more creative, the better! Also, based on the traffic, we may even use horizontal banners as well!

PS. What does everyone think of the game? I personally think they’ve taken it easy on us because of the new control system. But on second thought, when have they ever done that? .:ahh:

i do not have a banner for you but use this code and it will redirect instantly. It will not work in browsers that do not have JavaScript support though. Most should so you should also put a link so that people can click that to be redirected.

<script type=‘text/javascript’>
window.location = (“”)

<h3>You are being redirected, please <a href=“”>click here</a> if you do not get redirected</h3>

Let me know if any questions.

just use a meta refresh, its almost instantaneous…

just add the following in the <head> part of the first page


i currently use the meta tag
i will try the javascript out now!

please pass on the banner news!


Anyway, I’ll put together something and post it soon.

i looked at your tag, you have

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="**.5**;url=" />

change the .5 to X and it should be fine, if it doesn’t work i suggest you copy the one i posted before to see if it works for you better as its written slightly different. Ive used mine for a long time and i can vouch for its speed

works, thanks!
may still be slow though…

Ok, I made up a crude banner quickly, because I’ve got a million other things to do. I might make another one sometime soon. If you can make up a banner for me (any size will do) then I’ll post it up on our site. Thanks!

Name: The Bearcats



As far as I know the preferred method of redirecting (which is almost instantaneous and wonderful) is an .htaccess redirect. This interacts much more nicely with search engines.
Here’s a tutorial (not the best, but all I can find off hand) on them:

I agree with the above post. It’s not only virtually instant, but the search engines will thank you, too.

Htaccess files are so powerful. I’ve been learning a lot about them recently.

.htaccess works gr8

now if only i had more ads… :smiley: