Accessing NVision library offline

I’m a rookie coach helping our team write an image tracking system for the shooter. Is there a way to access the NVision library using a standalone app? We just want to load some sample images and test our code without having to tie up the cRio and robot. I tried it in Java and get a runtime error that says it couldn’t find an NVision class. We are developing in Java but C++ also is fine.

The documentation and header files for the NIVision DLL is located in Program Files/National Instruments/Vision. There are no Java entry points, just LV and C. But the DLL for Windows and the .out for cRIO have almost the same functionality, so the answer to your question is yes. You can develop on the PC and later deploy to the cRIO. You can also use Vision Assistant to quickly explore the potential of different processing techniques.

Greg McKaskle

Thanks Greg for the quick response. I installed LabView and was able to get the included Vision examples running.

Not to give up on the Java side yet…

  1. Is there a Sun squawk VM that runs on Windows so we could use WPILibJ to access the native NIVision dll?

  2. Has anyone created a JNI library to call the NIVision functions from a standard Java app?