Accessing serial ports

I’m trying to use the ReadSerialPortOne() function from EasyC.
The mplink linker can’t find the definition of symbol ReadSerialPortOne.

Where is the object or library file that defines ReadSerialPortOne?

In the last blitz of getting WPILib wrapped up, I forgot that those functions were documented and changed their declarations to:

unsigned char _ReadSerialPortOne(void);
unsigned char _ReadSerialPortTwo(void);
void WriteSerialPortOne(void);
void WriteSerialPortTwo(void);

So those functions are available, and I should probably change the names do match the documentation. This was during a binge where I was making all the functions not used outside of the library to not conflict with functions that users might write by prepending them with underscores.

If you want to use them, go with the underscored (_) version for now, and I’ll try to make a new version later that has them corrected, with the include files fixed as well.

Please let me know if they work for you. Also, beware, that the camera code uses serial port 2 exclusively.