Accessing the control panel from under?

Hello, I’m from team 5553 Robo’lyon. We are currently discussing wether there is a hole under the control panel from where we could spin the wheel or not. Indeed we have two different ideas for the robot’s design but we can’t choose one.
Thanks in advance.

Possible but looks hard, only the Lazy Susan’s central hole is not covered by Plexiglas underneath , I guess if you wanted to Lazy Susan hole near the center, possibly. Looks to be a 6" diameter hole.

You can see in this field drove video that there is only the small overhang of the wheel that is directly accessible from underneath.

As the above picture indicates, the top of the trench run structure is completely covered with polycarb, so the only physical access to the wheel from the bottom is the small (roughly 1 inch?) overhang at the two ends.

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