Accessing the RoboRIO filesystem

So we’re trying to figure out how to access the RoboRIO’s filesystem, but we can’t find any documentation on it. What’s the best way to edit files on the RoboRIO? I heard there’s FTP and sFTP support, but I can’t find any mention of what the url/IP address would be to access it. Also, it has USB ports, so is it possible to mount it as an external hard drive?

From your user program, you can use stdio or the same API you would on a desktop. For LV, any file I/O functions should work.

In order to get files to the roboRIO, you can use a utility such as filezilla. The name of the controller is “roboRIO-team.local”. The sftp login is admin and no password. For ftp, the login is anonymous with no password. I haven’t done that one in awhile, but I’m pretty sure that is the login.

One other way to do this is to use webdav. I won’t go into the details, and while it works, the performance has never been that good.

Greg McKaskle

Alright! It worked, thanks.

THAT’S where it is! Thanks for posting that link I never found that.

So we have been using this FTP process all season. But after our first regional, we weren’t able to use those steps from wpiscreensteps, and the NI Web utility wasn’t working either. We were eventually able to get the utility working on an old version of Internet Explorer, but that isn’t the most ideal situation. :yikes: Any ideas on how to debug this? Thanks!