Accommodations for gender-diverse people

Last year at Worlds, I was told there were gender-neutral toilets, and I saw people walking around with pronoun things stuck to the bottom of their lanyards, but I did not see the gender-neutral signs, and I had zero idea where to get the pronoun stickers. Can anyone please help me? Also, I noticed that at the regional I went to (southern cross), there were just regular bathrooms. What are the rules regarding these, and will there be any additional inclusive things in the future?

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While FIRST is pretty progressive (:heart:) unfortunately most of the things you mentioned aren’t required to be done at events - they’re done by teams individually (eg. handing out pronoun pins at their pits) or by teams running the venue (wrt. systems like bathrooms). I can’t speak to the lanyard pronoun stickers - I had a few stickers on my lanyard last time I went to Worlds, but I honestly don’t even remember where they came from :sweat_smile:

Like with many things in FIRST, if you want to see change, a great way is to directly bring it about through your team. Make pronoun/pride flag stickers and buttons and hand them out at your pit, encourage your team / events around you to provide accomodations for gender-diverse people, et cetera.

As a side note it’s really nice to hear there were accomodations at Worlds last year, considering the unfortunate state of anti-trans legislation in Texas.

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