Accounting for Offset Vision Camera offset

need help badly…

our vision camera is offset from our shooter by about 5 inches. it is on a turret, that rotates.

I am trying to account for this offset in my angle readings. If I just target purely off the angle… it works perfectly. However, this is likely a few degrees off from where it needs to be.

Does anyone understand the math to then calculate the angle of the actual shooter? Where it gets difficult for me… is the shooter based on angle could be further or closer to the target (since its on a circular turret). It won’t be a uniform angle difference so I can’t simply just try to find a constant…

Do you know the distance to the target? Is the distance from the camera to the center of the shooter fixed? If so, it sounds like you know 2 sides of a triangle.

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am i misunderstanding this… I know my distance to target, and my offset… but I am not sure how to solve the rest

Right angle triangle with the 90 vertex at the center of the shooter. You can solve for the angle at the camera. The difference should be good approximation of the required correction.

I was also thinking about just about measuring the min and max and linearly interpolating it…

I dont really understand how to take that measurement… if you could show me an example calculation that would save me!

Well, my students did exactly what you just suggested… the correction is pretty small at any decent shooting position.

But you might find this helpful:

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