Accuracy of json file obtained from PathWeaver

I’ve been unsuccessfully trying to run a Ramsete Command for days now and was sadly force yesterday to withdraw our team from the skills challenge. Due to Codiv, we are a very limited time to test the robot. As for Ramsete Command, I read elsewhere on CD that there is a real need of simplifying its use. I think the WPILib guys put effort on developing new features but clearly need more time to help people to use these features.
As for the accuracy of the measures given by the json file generated via PathWeaver, I would like to understand why the y coordinate value defers from the one on the PathWeaver interface.

Sample1.txt (95.6 KB)

Legacy reasons. JavaFX’s canvas coordinate frame is X+ to the right, Y+ up, and origin in the top-left. Mathematical convention and WPILib’s math stuff assume X+ to the right, Y+ up, and origin in the bottom-left. PathWeaver automatically converts to what WPILib expects in the export JSON.

If we were to make PathWeaver over again, we’d use the WPILib convention instead of the JavaFX one.

Does that have an impact on the trajectory ? I mean, can I just use that json file and plug the generated path in my Ramsete Command or would I need some mathematical transformations prior to using the path to match the actual path and, I guess, the WPILib expected values? Thank you for your quick answer.

If you load the exported trajectory JSON instead of manually copying the waypoints from the UI boxes, things should just work™.

Thank you