Accurate Limelight 3 CAD?

The Limelight 3 STL provided seems to be inaccurately dimensioned, or I’m just doing Fusion 360 wrong. Does someone have a more accurate model or sketches they can provide? Thanks.

If you’re using an official one from the Limelight website, then there likely isnt going to be a “more accurate” one. In what way is the one uoure using inaccurate?

How does it line up with the dimension provided here?

(using inches)

oh thats precisely what i was looking for thanks

Comparing numbers, it looks like your model is just scaled up by a factor of 10. Perhaps some millimeter-centimeter mixup somewhere.

STL files don’t include units in the format, so she could have imported it using centimeters when the file (like most STLs) was generated using milimeters.


.3mf screeching noises

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Is there a STEP or Parasolid file available?

Yes on the bottom of the LL downloads page


Updated the website to specify the correct file to use. You’ll want to use the STP file for CAD work. STL is meant for 3D modeling / 3D printing.


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