Acer E 11 battery failure

We use an Acer E 11 laptop (came in the Rookie KOP last year) for our driver station laptop. After pulling it out of storage this week (we left it unplugged and in storage since around the conclusion of the Championship, I know - not a great idea) the battery will no longer charge. We’ve left it plugged in for multiple hours, power cycled, etc. to no avail. We’ve got an event this weekend (Capital City Classic), and thus need the laptop to have a functional battery. If I can’t get it working, we can probably throw something together for the event but I’d prefer not to as the E 11 already has everything set up. Any ideas? Thanks in advance

A power inverter and a robot battery.
Package them up and cart them around together.

I don’t know if this applies to this specific acer model or this specific issues, but I’ve fixed several other acer battery problems by removing the battery and then holding the power button for 30 seconds. You have to physically take out the battery from the interior of the laptop, but this solved some issues for some of my friends.

Inverter and battery.

In the meantime, get another laptop with all the software ready.

Laptop battery issues can be a nightmare. I’ve junked 3 laptops that refused to charge even after having new batteries installed. It can be software, hardware, or even the bios in some cases that will not charge the battery if it isn’t OEM. The Acer E11 batteries are very uncommon and are quite expensive.

FRC seriously needs to get Dell to sponsor us. The laptops may not be the greatest in the world, but they are plentiful and cheap and spare parts can usually be found quite quickly.